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The concert series is a joint collaboration between Jester King Brewery and the Inn. We will be featuring the new release beers for the brewery the day before they are available to the general public as well as some phenomenal music! FAMILY friendly event... come on out! BRING CHAIRS! It can be BYOB as well and a chair or blanket might be a nice thing to bring as well.


The bugle Boy, 1051 N Jefferson St, La Grange, TX

Guy Forsyth & Jeska haven't performed a duo show together in over a year & are so excited to announce this Bugle boy show!

You can watch in person or from the comfort of your home as tickets are available for online streaming as well.

This will be a show you absolutely do not want to miss


When Guy Forsyth first moved to Austin from Kansas City 33 years ago, he had a bandolier of harmonicas and a carnival barker’s voice that could cut through the noise of the busiest night on Sixth Street. In the mid-90s, he co-founded the Asylum Street Spankers, arguably the most raucous blues, jazz, and swing band to ever rock the Live Music Capital of the World without amplification, but by decade’s end he’d moved on to focus on his equally eclectic solo career. Since then, he’s toured the world as jack-of-all-musical trades modern American songster, equally at home playing solo or with different rock, blues, and acoustic combos — or paired with his wife, Jeska Forsyth, as the duo “The Conspirators.” A remarkable singer, multi-instrumentalist, and solo artist in her own right, Jeska is very much the yin to Guy’s yang. She began performing in elementary school, trained as an opera singer, once sang the National Anthem for Nascar accompanied by F-16 fighter jets, and even owned her own blues club in San Angelo, where she and Guy first met. Their duo performances have been called “intimate” and “breathtaking,” whether it’s Guy singing with Jeska providing harmony softly behind him, or Guy returning the favor when Jeska leads on her own riveting tunes, showcasing what Glide Magazine calls her “honeyed, soulful vocals.”